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Hearing Aid Reprogramming Service

Give your current hearing aids a new lease of life with our bespoke reprogramming service.

We offer a comprehensive hearing aid reprogramming service at both our Sheffield and Barnsley clinics, covering the majority of popular hearing aid brands and models. We’ve provided hearing aid reprogramming services for hundreds of clients, so you won’t get a better service anywhere else. Repairing your hearing aids can save you thousands of pounds when compared to the cost of purchasing brand new, and we find that many hearing aids only need a simple repair or reprogram!


*Please note that this service does not cover NHS hearing aids or own brand hearing aids, and your current hearing aids must be under 4 years old as we are not able to work on older hearing aids


We are authorised agents for reprogramming and repairs for the following manufacturers::


What’s Included in Our Hearing Aid Reprogramming Service?

Our hearing aid reprogramming service involves a full rework of your hearing aids based on the results of a hearing and speech assessment. Any replacement parts or repairs are covered as a part of the basic cost of the service. The full reprogramming service includes:

  • Initial case history

  • Inspection and service of current hearing aids

  • Hearing and speech assessment

  • Reprogram of current hearing aids using the test results from the assessment stage

  • Real Ear Measurement check to measure how the hearing aids are working whilst they are in the client’s ears

  • Follow-up call to check on the client’s progress once the aids have been reprogrammed

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Can Hearing Aids Be Reprogrammed?

Hearing aids can be reprogrammed for the individual user to ensure that they suit their hearing needs and requirements. This can be completed in person on the day, so there’s no need to come back another day to collect the hearing aids.

Can I Get My Hearing Aid Reprogrammed?

As an independent hearing aid provider, we’re not tied to any specific manufacturer. This means that we’re official hearing aid reprogramming providers for a wide range of brands. Here’s the full list of hearing aids that we’re able to reprogram:


No matter if your hearing aids were bought from a third party or from us, we can reprogram them specifically to your ears. We also offer a hearing aid repair service if your hearing aids have become worn or damaged. Get in touch for more information.

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How Much Does Reprogramming Hearing Aids Cost?

This service is carried our by our Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist and Clinic Director - Paul Jackson.

Our hearing aid reprogramming service costs £299 for either one or both hearing aids and includes a full Hearing and Speech assessment, reprogram of the hearing aids, Real Ear Measurement check, and follow ups with the client to ensure that everything is working correctly.

If your hearing aids are damaged, we also offer a hearing aid repair service for £149 per hearing aid. Get in touch for more information or book online today.

Why Choose Us?

At Hearing Excellence Clinic, we’ve had over 120 five-star reviews on Google from our happy clients. This includes both our Sheffield and Barnsley clinics which both hold a 5/5 rating. 


We provide a friendly but professional hearing aid reprogramming service that is conducted by our Lead Audiologist & Clinic Director, Paul Jackson. Paul is a registered member of both the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists and the Health and Care Professions Council. He has over 22 years of fully qualified experience as a Hearing Aid Audiologist, and has worked with some of the biggest audiology brands in the UK.

Because we’re an independent business that isn’t tied to any specific manufacturer, we’re able to give the best, impartial advice on the best options for you and your hearing. Contact us with any questions you may have about your hearing excellence.

Paul Jackson, head audiologist and managing director of Hearing Excellence Clinic

Hearing Aid Reprogramming Service With Hearing Excellence Clinic

If you already own hearing aids and would like them tuned and personalised for your ears, our hearing aid reprogramming service will allow your existing hearing aids to feel like new.


We also offer a wide range of audiology services, including ear wax removal, hearing tests, hearing aids, and hearing protection. We don’t use any healthcare assistants to carry out any of our services and we get to know you to provide a personalised service that fits your needs.

Get in touch with a member of our team or click the button below to visit our booking site.

Hearing Aid Reprogramming Service FAQs

How Long Does It Take To Reprogram Hearing Aids?

Our hearing aid reprogram appointments normally last 1.5 hours, and as long as the hearing aid is working to specification it will be reprogrammed and ready to walk away with. 


If your hearing aids have a technical issue that’s preventing them from working as they should, they may need to be sent away for repair. If this is the case, it will normally take up to 14 days depending on the type of fault.

How Often Should You Reprogram Your Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids should always be tuned to your ears when you first purchase them. If you’ve bought them from us, this will be a routine part of our process. However, if you’ve bought a second hand pair, online, or from a third party, you will need to get yours reprogrammed to your ears.

If you feel like the quality of your hearing has decreased over time, it could be time to get another hearing test so that you can be sure they’re still right for you. We recommend doing this every 12 months or earlier if you notice a change in your hearing.

Can Oticon Hearing Aids Be Reprogrammed?

We’re official dispensers of Oticon hearing aids, which also allows us to repair and reprogram Oticon hearing aids. We’ve reprogrammed hundreds of Oticon hearing aids, so you won’t get a better service anywhere else.

Can Phonak Hearing Aids Be Reprogrammed?

We’re also official dispensers of Phonak hearing aids and able to conduct repair and reprograms on any Phonak hearing aid models. Get in touch with our team or book now for a hearing aid reprogramming consultation.

Can Used Hearing Aids Be Reprogrammed?

Used hearing aids are fine to use, provided they are reprogrammed to your ears first. There’s no issue involved with reprogramming used hearing aids, as this uses the same process as reprogramming new ones.


You should also bear in mind that any custom earmolds shouldn’t be reworn, and you’ll need to purchase new ones if required.

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