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Signia Silk Charge & Go hearing aids

Signia Hearing Aids

Hearing Excellence Clinic has partnered with Signia Hearing Aids to bring you the most innovative hearing aids on the market. With hearing aids so small that most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them, you can go about your day with confidence and do what you do best.


Sign up for a 2 week trial of our Signia hearing aids to get a free hearing test, so that we can tune your hearing aids to you for the full experience.

Signia Pure Charge & Go IX

The Pure Charge & Go IX is a groundbreaking hearing aid that offers the full power of Signia Integrated Xperience with RealTime Conversation Enhancement to keep you in the loop with conversations, no matter how hectic they get.


This allows you to engage in group conversation even if you’re not facing the speaker and turning your head to engage with others. Stop observing in conversations and start participating.

Signia Pure Charge & Go IX Benefits

This innovative hearing aid has a variety of benefits that will positively impact your life in new ways. Available in 10 colours and styles, and with a range of accessories available, you won’t need to look anywhere else.

Signia’s RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology will enable you to hear multiple speaking partners clearly, even in the liveliest of conversations. When compared to RealTime Conversations turned off, 95% of wearers showed improvement in group conversations.

OVP 2.0 makes your voice sound just right so that you’re not distracted when talking, and helps you engage in more conversations. This can improve your mental wellbeing and confidence!

Your personal AI helper, Signia Assistant offers intelligent support for sound customisation and troubleshooting so that you can adjust your hearing aids without the need for an appointment.

Signia devices are ready for the future and prepared for Bluetooth LE Audio standardisation. Meaning you won’t have any interruptions when upgrading your other devices.

The reliable rechargeable battery allows you to keep talking all day long, offering easy recharging and a long battery life. You’ll even get a wireless charging case so you’ll never get stuck without power.

Signia’s mobile app allows you to adjust and customise your hearing aids to suit your unique preferences, allowing you to get the perfect sound for your ears.

Signia Silk Charge & Go IX

The Signia Silk Charge & Go IX is the latest model from the Signia Silk range. This is the only hearing aid on the market that’s powered by advanced hearing technology that focuses on speech in front of you to assist your hearing in noisy environments.


Designed to fit into your existing lifestyle, this small, comfortable, rechargeable hearing aid allows you to continue performing in sports, business, and your personal life without a struggle.

Signia Silk Charge & Go IX Benefits

You’ll find a wide range of benefits that makes these hearing aids the most unique and innovative option out there. Here are just a few of the reasons these can change your life for the better.

This hearing aid is one of the first Completely in the Canal (CIIC) hearing aids in the world to offer rechargeability. Until Signia’s advanced technology came into play, this was impossible for CIIC hearing aids.

The Signia Silk Charge and go IX’s rechargeable battery is able to power your hearing all day long. You’ll also receive a wireless charging case that offers charging on the go, with up to four additional charges so you’ll never be without power.

The Signia App allows you to fine-tune your hearing aids to your own personal preferences with a range of options available. Find out more on Signia’s App Page.

Unique to Signia CIIC hearing aids, the Silk Charge & Go IX boasts advanced hearing aid technology that allows you to hear speech in front of you to help you hear in noisy environments.

Signia Silk Charge & Go IX hearing aids

Signia Hearing Aid Price

Signia Hearing Aid prices start from £1095 per hearing aid. We’re so confident that you’ll love them, we’re offering a free 2 week trial for you to try them out and see if they’re the right fit for you!


For Signia’s new hearing aids, we’re even offering a free hearing test when you sign up for a 14 day trial, so we can perfectly tune them to your ears and ensure you get the most accurate experience possible without spending a penny.


So many of our clients find a drastic improvement in their hearing, ability to engage in group conversations, hearing in noisy environments, and general confidence that we know you’ll love them too.

Try Before You Buy

We often have clients wondering if a particular hearing aid is the right choice for them, or if they could get used to wearing hearing aids all the time if they’ve never used them before.


We heard these concerns and introduced our “try before you buy” system, allowing you to have a trial of any of our Signia hearing aids for up to 14 days free of charge*.


This ensures that you’re 100% certain you love your new hearing aids before you commit to a decision. You’ll also get used to fitting them by yourself and looking after them, so you’re set to go for a better hearing future.

About Hearing Excellence Clinic

At Hearing Excellence Clinic, all of our hearing aids are fitted by our Lead Audiologist & Clinic Director Paul Jackson, who has over 22 years of experience as a fully qualified audiologist. Paul has been a member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists since 2002, and is a registered member of the Health and Care Professions Council


With clinics in both Sheffield and Barnsley, Hearing Excellence is a family run business that offers a friendly, personal service. We’re focused on one thing - enabling our clients to live their best lives through the best audiology in Yorkshire.

Paul Jackson, head audiologist and managing director of Hearing Excellence Clinic
Man teaching sport while wearing Signia hearing aids

Signia Hearing Aids With Hearing Excellence Clinic

Hearing Excellent Clinic is an approved dispenser of Signia Hearing Aid products, as well as offering official Signia Hearing Aid repair and Maintenance services. If you’re looking for the best hearing aids on the market, look no further.


If you’re in the Sheffield or Barnsley area, we also offer ear wax removal, hearing tests, and hearing protection services to suit all of your hearing needs. Get in touch with a member of our team or visit our booking site for more information.

Sign up to a free 14 day trial and book your free hearing test to trial this groundbreaking range of Signia Hearing Aids.

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