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Ear Irrigation in Sheffield & Barnsley

Ear irrigation is commonly used in GP surgeries and is the most up-to-date technique of ear syringing. It uses an electronic ear irrigation tool to maintain safe water pressure levels throughout instead of a hand-pressed ear syringe that could go too fast. At our ear wax removal clinics in Sheffield and Barnsley, we find it very effective for removing soft wax deep in the canal.

Ear wax removal consultations start from just £59 (one or both ears) and comes with our Wax-Clear Guarantee (practice based appointments only). which means that no matter how many appointments it takes to clear your ears, you only pay once.

How Does Ear Irrigation Work?

Ear irrigation uses the latest ear wax removal technology to wash ear wax gently out of the ear canal.


Before starting treatment, we will visually inspect the outer ear using an otoscope, which shines light into the ear and magnifies the image. We’ll use this to take a picture of your ear canal and show it to you beforehand to compare it with the result.


Your ear irrigation clinician will fit themselves with full PPE, place a plastic apron over you, and give you a plastic container called a ‘noots’ ear tank. You can hold this tank under your ear during the process to capture the water and wax that gets flushed away.


As the treatment begins, we will gently pump warm water into your ear canal using our electronic ear irrigation machine to control the water pressure at a safe and steady rate.


Once complete, we can take another picture of your ear canal and place it side by side with the previous photo to compare the results.

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Ear Syringing in Sheffield & Barnsley

While ear syringing and ear irrigation are often used interchangeably, and ear irrigation is a new form of ear syringing, they differ on a few important points, such as safety and technique. 


At Hearing Excellence Clinic, we only ever use the latest ear irrigation technology available and will never offer ear syringing in Sheffield or Barnsley. We pride ourselves on our client’s safety above all else and only offer services that are tried and tested to be safe.

Microsuction ear wax removal in Sheffield & Barnsley

Ear Syringing

Ear syringing is the process of using a hand-pressed syringe to push water slowly into the ear canal. This can cause safety issues because the clinician is responsible for maintaining the correct water pressure, and it can be difficult to keep it steady.


This can often result in ear drum perforations as the clinician forces water too hard to remove hard patches of wax.

We do not offer this service

Ear Irrigation

Ear irrigation is the next evolution of ear syringing. Instead of using a hand-pressed syringe, it uses an electronic irrigation machine that pumps water safely and steadily.


This ensures that the water pressure will never exceed the safe level and prevents eardrum perforations.

Ear irrigation ear wax removal in Sheffield & Barnsley

Can Ear Irrigation Damage Your Ears?

On a healthy ear, ear irrigation is a perfectly safe, routine procedure with minimal complications and side effects. However, it’s important to be aware that for clients who have recently had a perforated eardrum, ear injury, or infection, further complications can arise if the treatment is used too soon. That’s why we’ll always perform an otoscope ear inspection and ask you related questions before conducting the treatment.

As with any ear wax removal technique, to minimise the risk of side effects, it’s important to soften the wax with ear drops for 3-5 days before treatment to minimise the risk of side effects.

How to Prepare for Ear Syringing in Sheffield & Barnsley

We always recommend that you use a trusted wax softener for at least 3-5 days prior to your ear irrigation treatment. We find Earol to be the most effective. 

When you first start using wax softener, it’s normal to notice short-term worsening of your hearing or further ear blockage. This is caused by the wax softening, which causes it to shift around in the ear canal.

If you’ve already tried ear wax removal and are still having problems, book one of our hearing tests today for the best advice on your hearing.

Why Choose Us?

At Hearing Excellence Clinic, all our ear irrigation treatments are conducted by either our Lead Audiologist & Clinic Director, Paul Jackson or our Senior Hearing Care Assitant - Chloe Coopland, who between then have over 24 years of combined experience.


Paul has been a member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists and a registered Health and Care Professions Council member since 2002.

Our professional but personal service has already earned us a 5/5 rating with over 120 five-star reviews on Google across our Sheffield and Barnsley clinics.

Paul Jackson - Audiologist practising ear wax removal

Ear Syringing in Sheffield & Barnsley With Hearing Excellence Clinic

We offer a wide range of services, including ear wax removal, hearing tests, hearing aids, and hearing protection. We provide a wax-clear guarantee, which means that you only have to pay once, no matter how many appointments it takes to clear your ears!

Visit our booking page or get in touch to get a detailed consultation with us today.

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