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Serenity choice hearing aids

Hearing Protection in Sheffield & Barnsley

We offer a full range of hearing protection products from our Sheffield and Barnsley clinics, including both instant fit and custom-made options. We are approved suppliers of the latest Phonak Serenity Choice instant fit product range, which offers hearing protection and comfort for almost all applications, including hearing protection for:


  • Musicians

  • Hunting & shooting

  • Motorsports

  • Work

  • Flying

  • Swimming

  • Sleep

Our Hearing Protection Options

At the Hearing Excellence Clinic, we provide only the best hearing protection options available for your needs, get in touch today for helpful advice on what the best choice is for you. No matter what you need your hearing protection for, we’ll have the right option for you.

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Custom Hearing Protection in Sheffield & Barnsley

The Phonak Serenity Choice Plus custom range offers a tailor-made hearing protection solution for most situations. These products are individually made to each client's ear to offer the very best in comfort and hearing protection.


We are also able to verify the fitting of each product through an acoustic leakage test to ensure the correct attenuation performance of the fitted custom earpiece.


Please note that all of these products are custom made to each individual client's ear and require custom impressions taken in the clinic prior to ordering. Book your custom ear impression using the buttons below.

Why Do You Need Custom Hearing Protection?

While instant fit hearing protection options are perfect for many cases, such as someone who only swims once in a while, those that put their ears at risk for work or a more regular hobby might want custom hearing protection.


Custom protection is more effective because the ear plugs are perfectly moulded to your ears, ensuring that there are no gaps and spaces for noise to pass through. Because they fit perfectly into your ear and don’t need to be moved around often or forced in, they also generally last longer - potentially saving you money in the long run.


Overall, custom hearing protection is more comfortable, easier to use, and offers more protection than instant fit options. 

Hearing Protection in Sheffield & Barnsley

At the Hearing Excellence Clinic, we don’t use healthcare assistants to perform any of our fittings or consultations, all of our appointments are carried out by our Audiology Clinic Director Mr Paul Jackson, or our Senior Hearing Care Assistant Miss Chloe Coopland. That’s why we can provide you with the best advice on hearing protection in Sheffield & Barnsley.


Visit our hearing tests or ear wax removal pages for more information on our services, or get in touch with us for expert advice on the best option for your hearing.


1. What Does SNR and NRR Mean in Hearing Protection?

Noise Reduction Rate (NRR) and Single Number Rating (SNR) are both scales that are used to measure the amount of sound protection that a device provides when worn in the intended way. NRR is generally used in the US while SNR is used within the EU.


The value that is provided represents how many decibels the device will lower sounds by. Meaning that a hearing protection device with an SNR of 25 will make a 40dB noise sound 15dB.

2. Are Earmuffs Better Than Earplugs?

While ear muffs are easier to fit and some people may find them more comfortable, earplugs offer more protection from loud noises. This is because earplugs sit directly in the ear canal instead of over the ears, and can be custom made to perfectly block your ear. 


Those with glasses can also find earmuffs uncomfortable, and it can affect the amount of protection that they will provide.

3. What Earplugs Do Audiologists Recommend?

Custom made earplugs will always be the best option for hearing protection. This is because they mould perfectly to your ear canal and ensure that no sound can get in around them. Because they fit so well, they’re also generally the most comfortable and easiest to use earplugs, and they last longer as a result!

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